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Square Mfg Co is the pizza that’s not from around here. It’s pizza with its own style, its own story, and its own shape. It’s Detroit born and Detroit bread. It’s crispy on the edges but fluffy on the inside, just like Detroit. It’s hardworking pizza for all hardworking people from all walks of life. Pick up some freshly made squares, kick back, and cut loose. You’ve earned this panmade deliciousness. Because if you’re gonna eat pizza, eat PIZZA. Bite into sauce on top, thick, gooey cheese and dough for days. Share it with friends, pick it up for the family, keep it to yourself, fork and knife, messy hands, however you want to do it, do it. We just want you to love every bite. So turn up the music, grab a pop and dig in. You deserve it. This is pizza from the oven mitt state. This is pizza, Detroit style.

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