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Carefully Crafted.
Perfectly Seasoned
And That's Just the Pan.

It’s all about the pan, man.  The legend goes a customer back in 1946 brought in an auto parts tray from the factory he worked in and suggested the originators of Detroit style pizza, Gus and Anna Guerra, try cooking the pizzas in those pans. And that’s how the cheesy, crunchy crust was born.

Dough. Then Cheese.
Then Sauce.
In That Order.

From the Oven Mitt State

In Detroit, we just call it pizza. We do things a little differently.  We start with made from scratch dough, add the cheese and then top it off with sauce – in that order. One bite says it all: crispy outside, chewy inside and a crunchy, cheese covered crust that makes it one of a kind.  It’s the hot new pizza trend that started in 1946.


Watch our feature on Chronicle to go behind the scenes with founder Kris Gullapalli and learn why our cheesy squares taste so good.

Dan Adleman Tries Square MFG. CO

a drawing on a plate

Did somebody order a pizza? Welcome to the Phantom Gourmet, I'm Dan Adelman. And without a doubt pizza is my number one all-time greatest food obsession.
And there are so many different styles that I love. New York thin crust, Chicago deep dish, South Shore style bar pizzas. But have you ever tried a Detroit Style? Well, if you know, you know, and if you don't know, you should definitely go to the Square Mfg.Co. on Route 9 in Natick. . .

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