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Square Mfg Co. is the pizza that’s not from around here. It’s pizza with its own style, its own story, and its own shape. It’s Detroit born and Detroit bread. It’s crispy on the edges but fluffy on the inside, just like Detroit. It’s hardworking pizza for all hardworking people from all walks of life. Pick up some freshly made squares, kick back, and cut loose. You’ve earned this panmade deliciousness. Because if you’re gonna eat pizza, eat PIZZA.

Bite into sauce on top, thick, gooey cheese and dough for days. Share it with friends, pick it up for the family, keep it to yourself, fork and knife, messy hands, however you want to do it, do it. We just want you to love every bite. So turn up the music, grab a pop and dig in. You deserve it. This is pizza from the oven mitt state.

This is pizza, Detroit style.


Here we answer some frequently asked questions to better serve our customers.


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It all started back in 1946 when a guy at a bar in Detroit had the genius idea of cooking pizza dough in an auto parts tray. We use those same steel pans today, which allows us to spread cheese all the way to the edge of the pan. Our pizzas have this amazing cheesy, crunchy crust which makes the corner slices the best part of the pizza.

Our pizzas are a lighter form of deep-dish pizza. We start with freshly made dough that rises overnight, then top it with cheese and then end with the sauce on the top. It’s how we do pizza in Detroit.


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We have a limited amount of pizzas we can make in a day due to the amount of pans we have in stock. We’ve had a great reception at opening and underestimated demand. We are waiting on more pans to arrive so we can serve more pizzas. In the meantime, we recommend pre-ordering your pizzas on our online ordering site. However, we do plan to make it easier to order pizzas in the very near future.


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Our small pizzas have six slices and are recommended for 1-2 people. Our large pizzas have eight slices and are good for 3-4 people.

We do our wings by weight. Our small order includes a ½ lb (8 oz) of wings which is roughly 4-6 wings in an order. Our medium order is 12 oz of wings and roughly includes 8-10 wings. Our large order is a 1 lb or 16 oz and includes roughly 12-14 wings.


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We recommend ordering on Toast through the “Order Online” link at the top of our page. We also check our email at pretty diligently. You can also give us a call at (508) 545-3200. Please do keep in mind that we may take a minute to answer the phone if the store is busy.


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We get this question a lot, and we’re working on creating allergy friendly menus  for the future.  We do not have any nuts on premise, so we are safe for anyone with nut allergies. We do have dairy in our dough. We do not currently have gluten free or vegan pizza options, but we are hoping to add something for the future. Please shoot us an  email at with any other questions.

The best way to note allergies during online ordering is to make a note during the "instructions" part of the ordering process. When you're selecting your pizza, you notice a black button on the bottom of the screen with "Next:". By clicking through that button, you'll eventually reach a page for "Instructions". Search for "+Special Instructions" in the middle of the screen and note any allergies there. You can also either email us or give us a call and we can make the note our end :)